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David Morneau
April 6, 2009, 1:33 am
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David Morneau

Born: 1975

Current Location: New York City



David Morneau does not compose his music with a ‘poetic power’ that emphatically discharges from his work enchanting you in a hallucinogenic state of borderline exaltation. He does not intensely attempt to infuse symbolism into his work and shows no melodic motivation whatsoever. This is not David. So you ask, ‘Well, then what does this so-called proclaimed musical talent propose to do?’

David is a composer of an entirely undecided genre. Among his diverse projects are 60×365 – a year-long podcast project for which he composed a new one-minute piece every day, Boop Boop Beep – a solo performance for Nintendo Gameboy, Three Questions – an experimental graphic score for any performer(s), and The Rhythm Variations – 12 variations on Gershwin for solo piano (winner of the 2004 Ruth Friscoe Prize in Composition). David’s current projects include a short concert-opera based the classic Simon electronic game and The A/Break Variations – a series of music videos for a dance in collaboration with Amiti Perry. He is also an active member of Seen Performance, an artist collective in New York City.

Do not think of him as yet another one of those ‘unique composers’ but rather a provider of exclusive unprecedented experiments. He carries his charm and alarm, the glamour to make standards stammer, the appeal of the unreal. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Mr. David Morneau…also available at [by Anna Morneau – January 2009]

Music and Photograph Copyright 2009 David Morneau

Copyright 2009

Theme Music composed by Sarah Horick

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